Traveling nude art model, freelance writer, and builder of large-scale art installations.

Also: roustabout, ragamuffin, bonne vivante, instagator, agathist.


Spring 2015: Bicycled up the US Atlantic Coast; modeled in major cities en-route; trusted in the kindness of strangers; purveyed fracas, whimsy, and spunk; recorded the journey.

Summer 2015: Volunteered to build a temple for Mazu—patron saint of sailors, travelers, and risk-takers—for a Taiwanese art collective; slaved away doing carpentry, pyrotechnics, painting; razed it to the ground at Burning Man.

Fall 2015: Roamed around the USA for a blitzkrieg modeling tour to connect with favorite artists and humans before extended travels abroad.

Winter 2016: Built a flame effects art project in New Zealand for Kiwiburn, then flew to Taiwan to meet with a Silicon Valley start-up.

Spring 2016: Another big modeling tour around the USA. 

Summer 2016: Worked as a field assistant for an ecology graduate student in Idaho, mountaineering around Yellowstone to collect samples. Traveled to a few new cities for modeling. Spent time on Acroyoga and Thai massage skills.

Fall 2016: Semi-sabbatical, spent time on further development of skills [Thai Massage, Acroyoga, linguistics and language-learning, etc.], took some time off of civilization and lived in the mountains taking manual labor gigs, visited relatives in China.

Winter 2017: Adventures in Cuba and Puerto Rico, practicing Mandarin and Spanish extensively, starting yoga teacher training, touring and collaborating all the while.

Spring 2017: Went to South Africa to work on crew for AfrikaBurn DPW in the Karoo Desert and model in Cape Town. Toured around the South, studied in California.

Summer 2017: Pyrotechnics and other mischief in Spain, farming and yoga teacher training in California.

Fall-Winter 2017/2018: Studied Mandarin in Guangzhou, modeled in Hong Kong, trained in shaolin kung fu in Jilin Province.

Spring 2018: USA modeling tour [Midwest, Northeast, and PDX]

Summer 2018: First-ever Europe modeling tour [Iceland, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, possibly France]