1. BiCycling 

I'll be meandering solo from Key West, FL to Bar Harbor, ME, along a planned route of about 3,500 miles. Before deciding to do this trip I knew nothing about bikes, and this will be my first long-distance tour.

Throughout my life I've shaped my self-concept around jumping into things I know nothing about, thereby finding my strengths [and, admittedly, my limits]. 

The idea of this trip terrified me from the very beginning, and has only grown more terrifying...which is why I'm doing it. I'm hoping to find strength by putting myself at the mercy of my immediate environment, and get in phenomenal shape, to boot.


I will be stopping and resting in major cities, during which I will be available for limited bookings.

Modeling has been my primary means of funding my adventures for five years. Plus, I like that it adds an absurd dimension of challenge to what is already bound to be a daunting trip.

Initially a flippant pursuit, modeling has turned out to be one of the more complex aspects of my life, continually boxing me into evolving my attitudes towards myself, privilege, gender norms, and art, and has alternately served as my most freeing outlet and as my ugliest vice.


3. Writing

Documenting my journey in my blog, for anyone who'd like to follow along.

I'd like for this trip to be as interactive as possible: don't hesitate to write with questions I should answer in a future post, or suggest destinations along my way!

Part of why I want to write throughout this trip is so that I can prove to myself, once and for all, that "living" and "writing" are not mutually exclusive—a belief that has been my biggest excuse for not writing regularly.

Plus, like Salvador Dalí, I dread the fallibility of my memory.