Naked for Bernie!


What can I do? I don’t have a degree, I’m not that politically well-informed [there’s only so much time in a day], and my income is barely above the US poverty line [but don’t get me wrong, I live EXTREMELY well and am extremely privileged]. But I have a lot of privilege.

[some kind of expository bullshit, an intro line, is needed, but this needs to be SHORT] Modeling has been my bread and butter for a decade but I don’t think it’s widely disputed that modeling, in and of itself, has no moral upshot.

At first, I was tempted to confetti-bomb a massive list of causes with tiny contributions, so as not to have to choose among them. However, I’ve decided that I can do the most good, with what little power I have as one professional naked chick and dilettante, through narrowing my focus, rather than casting a diffuse net.

There are so many channels through which we can endeavor to improve the world, but I personally think climate change is at the crux of everything and is our most urgent, universal problem. Social justice and other issues can only be relevant in a world where there is, in fact, society— i.e., in a world where we aren’t haven’t been wiped out by mass existential threat. [cite sources/books]

Moreover, I believe environmental issues can only be dealt with effectively through massive policy changes, rather than individuals adjusting their lifestyle or consumption choices—buying local, going vegan, or trying to convince others to do the same [who may have valid reasons for not doing so] is insufficient to tackle such a universal, urgent, big-picture issue. Get at the source, not the symptoms. [link that article]

To get at that means spring-cleaning our legislature so that it can run effectively and empower its people, not big industry. So, by necessity, my foremost concern is getting the right people into office and passing anti-corruption legislation.

Another growing problem is the increase in balkanization. [blah blah concisely tie-in with why I want to focus tour on conservative areas] This fall, I’m focusing my tour largely in conservative areas of the US, with hopes of engaging clients on the other side of many issues close to my heart, to hear from the horse’s mouth why they believe what they believe—and maybe, just maybe, change a few minds. [Meh]

My pledge

—Personally contribute $2700 to Bernie Sanders; i.e., maxing out allowed donations by an individual to a single candidate per federal election rules.
—Personally contribute another $2700 to
—Engage my clients in conversation, if possible, about sensitive issues, without shying away, in an attempt to fight balkanization with dialogue. Post updates about these conversations. [Rephrase. More concrete.]

I don’t currently have the funds to contribute the above amounts—that’s where this tour comes in.

Join me!

The number one way: make a donation, and tell me about it with the form below!

It can be hard in today’s world not to feel cynical, isolated, and powerless. If you’re with me, especially if I’ve helped influence your decision to donate, please allow me to get your pledge on the record. I’d like to keep a running tally of the amount pledged by those in my networks so that I can make a big celebratory post, and thank by name anyone who desires acknowledgment.

—Models who want to get on the bandwagon with me and do something similar, get in touch! I understand this is a risky career move in an industry dominated by white men of the baby boomer generation, many of whom identify as conservative [not all, of course, but a sizable enough chunk to make an impact to our financial security]. But we do have power and influence. Let’s cross-promote in solidarity and set new precedents, in ways that make a difference outside of the modeling world.
—If you’re a photographer sympathetic to my mission, hire me [or, y’know, just make a donation directly!]
—If you’re living in the States along my tour route, any bit of non-monetary support is helpful. Got a spare bedroom or couch, or hotel points you don’t intend to use? Some cans of baked beans sitting around, or extra veggies in the garden? A loaded metro card you don’t need?

I recommend: [list, with a couple extra environmentally-focused options for those who may be sympathetic but not in political agreement]


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