Absolute must-read for anyone wanting to book me on this trip: commercial clients, photographers, artists, students, hobbyists, whomever. 

On cancellations: On any given day I will either be on the road biking for several hours, or working all day during my city stops; on any given night I will either be camping in the boonies, or introducing myself to a new host. It goes without saying that in the event of a cancellation, scheduling a replacement shoot will be inordinately difficult. Therefore, priority will be given to clients willing to secure their shoot with an advance deposit [50% of the shoot fee]

A. Getting in touch

In my order of preference, you can book me:

  1. Through my ModelMayhem if you're a member [also contains more extensive portfolio];
  2. Via my contact form
  3. By direct email to geya [dot] frallows [at] gmail [dot] com [please let me know if my contact form isn't working; and note that this particular email address is for modeling-related inquiries only]

Be sure to include your location in the message subject. Details of my route can be found here.

B. Fixed rate

My rate for standard assignments [private photo shoots up to art/glamour nude] is $125/hour. 

Case-by-case rates for fetish/erotic/specialty/commercial/group assignments.

Just so it is absolutely clear, these are the exceptions where I can reduce or negotiate my rate: You are providing multiple-night accommodation with meals and/or other goods and services that lower my overhead costs or improve the quality and ease of my trip, are providing me with a free trip to a country I'd otherwise be hard-pressed to visit, are hiring me for multiple days, or are otherwise greatly diminishing my travel expenses/efforts or greatly increasing my quality of life in some quantifiable way.

Otherwise, no amount of bragging about your experience, harassment, threats, indignation, disbelief, telling me I'm too ugly/fat/unestablished to charge what I do, accusing me of being a covert prostitute, trying to nickel-and-dime me out of principle ["just give me a $10 discount—it's only $10!"], or promising me "exposure", is going to make me acquiesce a discount. 

Yes, those are all examples of emails I have actually received—and I'm not the only one. Keeping my rates firm ensures that I'm never tempted to validate this sort of coercive behavior in a desperate move to scrape together a few more bucks, and that I remain fair to all my clients.

I have clients around the world who agree that my rates are industry standard for a model of my experience and well worth the investment, and who respect the efforts it's taken for me to advance my career to where it is today, both behind the scenes and in front of the lens. 

C. Limits

Things I need to know about in advance: sexually suggestive themes [including erotic art, fetish, or highly-suggestive glamour; please note that I am not available for explicit work], physically dangerous shooting conditions, shoots that involve substantial clean-up time [like body paint] so that I can plan accordingly, additional photographers/models/whoever [I'd like the opportunity to check references on anyone who may be at the shoot].

I reserve the right to say "no" to any work that jeopardizes either my personal well-being or my credibility as a model, especially if it comes as a surprise [i.e., I find out long after we've already booked, or worse, on the day of the shoot]. If you're not sure, please just ask—I am never offended by earnest or precautionary communication!