Fall/Winter 2015: Last hurrah for the USA!
Dates are confirmed: Now booking!

Oct 6-13: Seattle/WA state
Oct 14-21: Chicago/Milwaukee
Oct 22-Nov 1: NYC and surrounding [NJ, MA, CT...anywhere within a day-trip]
Nov 2-10: Baltimore/NoVA/DC
Nov 11-19: TX: Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth
Nov 20-24: Brunswick, GA
Nov 25-Dec 7: Florida coast from Jax to Miami
Dec 8-13: Los Angeles [will detour to San Diego and/or Santa Barbara for the right jobs]

Note: I have time to visit one more destination anywhere in the US after I finish up this tour. Whether I do, and where I go, will depend purely on client interest. If you want to work with me before I high-tail it abroad for an extended period, now's the time!

Hopes and dreams for 2016:

Jan/Feb: New Zealand
March/April: either more New Zealand or Southeast Asia
April/May: South Africa
May/June: Mediterranean & debut in Europe

Hoping to relocate to Australia somewhere from Sept-Dec.