Freya is the name of the constructions made using my image.
An image can only ever be a construction, and no number of images can sum up a human being.
As Richard Avedon put it: "All photos are accurate. None of them is the truth."
A human being can only really be witnessed in the flesh, in real-time, if at all. 

Ad Hominem

I was born in August, 1990. 
[Freya was born in January, 2010.] 
Aspiring thinker.
Compulsive writer.
Learning to be compassionate, strong, authentic, and humble.
Seeking knowledge, novelty, surrender, connection, and meaning.
Experimenting. Aiming to maintain astonishment and a beginner's mind.

Other work

For the last eight years, modeling has been my primary vocation, and the road has been my primary home. 
I've also picked up random odd jobs along the way: tutoring math, writing essays, remodeling houses, captioning TV shows, camping out for the newest iPhone release. Here's the highlight reel of some non-modeling work I've done in between [or concurrently with] my modeling tours:









Intensive Muay Thai training [and my first fight!]; Chiang Mai, Thailand
Building stuff and bossing boys around for Republic of Übertown; Sariñena, Spain
Intensive training in Shaolin kung fu, Sanda, and Taiji; Siping, China
Pyrotechnics for Republic of Übertown; Sariñena, Spain
DPW V-bar Crew for AfrikaBurn; Karoo Desert, South Africa
Field Research Assistant for Idaho State University; Yellowstone National Park, CA
Representative/Tech Evangelist for Installments Start-up; Taipei, Taiwan
Pyrotechnics for Sting Ring; Kiwiburn, New Zealand
Build crew for Mazu - Goddess of the Empty Sea; Reno, NV
Girl's Gone Wheels modeling bicycle tour; Key West, FL to Bar Harbor, ME
Build crew for Embrace; Reno, NV
Freelance domestic JOAT [remodeling, construction, gardening]; 'round CA
Pyrotechnics with The Mischief Lab for Control Tower; Arcata, CA
Massage Therapist at Simply Massage; Mammoth, CA
Certified Ski Instructor at Mammoth Mountain; Mammoth, CA
Golf Cart Mechanic for Burning Man DPW; Black Rock City, NV
Ski Instructor for Sierra-at-Tahoe; Twin Bridges, CA
Ground Crew and Heavy Equipment Operator for Sugar Beet Harvest; Fargo, ND
CCC/Americorps Backcountry Trails Program, Kings Canyon National Park, CA
Cognitive Research Assistant at NASA Ames; Moffett Field, CA

Selected published writing

My birthday suit isn't the only part of me on the Internet!

Working at a National Park Teaches You Confidence and Perseverance; VICE
Open Letter from an Allegedly Doomed Woman; Rebelle Society
Outrageously Alive; Rebelle Society
Anthologized in Rebelle Society's best-of print collection, which is available for purchase.
6 Ways to Transcend Your Conditioning; Collective Evolution


Through my travels I've also done a fair bit of informal live performing, though as of now this is my only semi-legitimate recording, albeit still rough/live, from my last night in California before heading off to start my bike tour. Enjoy! Or don't. 8]